Upcoming Events

Valentines Craft


This cute tree is made from artboard paper and stands approximately 9” tall.  We will cut hearts to hang on your tree for Valentines Day. You will also have the option to come back at a later date and cut out other holiday pieces (4 leaf clovers, Easter eggs etc…) to hang so you can use this tree year round.  

Please call the library for your sign up time.  We will have 30 minute time slots! 9am to 12:30pm slots & 4pm to 7:30pm slots

Story / Craft Time


Valentines themed story along with easy craft.  This is geared towards ages 2-5 but all are welcome! 9:30 am to 10:15 am.

Saturday Hours


Saturday hours will be changing on a trial basis

Starting November 2nd.

Saturday hours will be 9am - 3pm.  

Hours will be reevaluated in February to see if this change will become permanent.

Cake Pans


Many Christmas themed cake pans to choose from.  Come check 1 out today!!!