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Circulation Policy

General Guidelines:

Danvers Township Library maintains a large collection of physical and digital materials. To facilitate circulation of those materials, the library maintains a database of registered users. Residents of the township of Danvers may apply for a library card at no charge, after which their card may be used to access library materials, computer resources, and special services. Borrowers from outside Danvers may use their home library card and use the library as reciprocal borrowers as allowed by this policy. Each registered user is responsible for all materials borrowed and services obtained, via his or her library card.  Library cards expire after 3 years.  Replacement cost for a lost card is $5.00.

Application for Library Card:

Adult applicants (ages 18 and over) must present photo ID with current address. If the address is not current, or there is no expiration date on the photo ID, then applicants must also present proof of residence within the township of Danvers. Acceptable forms of photo ID or proof of residence includes:

Acceptable forms of photo ID

  • Valid driver’s license or state ID
    • Valid passport
    • Valid school ID
    • Temporary housing ID

Acceptable forms of address verification

  • Property tax bill
    • Voter registration
    • Checks printed with full name and home address
    • Current (within the last 60 days) utility bill showing home address
    • Lease or mortgage agreement
    • Current (within the last 60 days) readable traffic ticket
    • Auto registration
    • Current (within the last 60 days) paycheck
    • Official correspondence from the State of Illinois or the Federal Government
    • For students, current (within the last 60 days) tuition bill or class schedule

Teen applicants (ages 14-17) may receive a card either with or without a parent or designated guardian present.

Juvenile applicants (ages 5-13) may apply for a card if accompanied by a parent or designated guardian. The parent or guardian must provide photo ID and proof of residence. The parent or guardian who registers the child is responsible for all materials selected for or by the child and fees resulting from library use, and is fully responsible whether they have full or part-time custody.

Library Card Use and Restrictions

One library account is issued per customer. Danvers Township Library retains the right to suspend or revoke any library account for violation of policies. Customers should notify the library immediately if their card is lost or stolen, in order to prevent fraudulent charges. Customers should present their library card for service at each visit; current, valid photo ID (as defined by this policy) may be presented in lieu of a library card.

Library customers are automatically blocked from checking out materials when $10 or more in fees (damaged or lost items) have accumulated on their account.

Customers are required to be in good standing (account balance of less than $10) in order to renew their account. Photo ID and proof of residence are required in order to renew the account.

Reciprocal Borrowing Program (RBP)

The library is a member of the Reaching Across Illinois Library System (RAILS). This membership entitles Danvers Township Library customers to participate in the Reciprocal Borrowing Program (RBP). RBP is a service in which library customers with accounts in good standing may use other libraries subject to their local regulations. Reciprocal borrowers from other libraries are also welcome at Danvers Township Library. RBP customers have the same rights and responsibilities as Danvers customers.  If their library is not a member of RSA, interlibrary loan and digital borrowing will not be available. 

Lending Periods

Library materials circulate according to the following rules.

Type of Material Loan Period Renewals Overdue Fess
Books 2 weeks 1 $0
DVDs 1 week 1 $0
Audio Books 2 weeks 1 $0
Magazines 2 weeks 1 $0
eReaders & computers 3 days 1 $0

Check out Limits

Customers may check out a maximum of 25 items.   Customers may check out the following materials as indicated below:

  • 5 DVDs per household
  • 10 audio books per card
  • 10 magazines per card
  • 10 books per card

Notification and Pick-Up of Hold Items

Customers will be notified when a hold item becomes available. Notification options include voice, text, and email. To ensure prompt notification, please inform the library of any changes in contact information. Hold items will be held for a customer for ten days. If the item is not picked up, it will be made available to the next customer in line or placed back in circulation.

Overdue Notifications

As a courtesy, the library will notify customers when an item is overdue; overdue notification options include text, email, or phone call. The first and second notices will remind customers to return or renew the overdue materials. The third notice, sent by mail, will be a bill for the cost of replacing the materials.

Lost & Damaged Materials

When an item is returned damaged, reported lost, or not returned, the customer will be billed the purchase cost of the item. Customers are responsible for the repair or replacement cost of a damaged item, except where such damage is determined to be the result of normal wear and tear.  The lending library determines replacement costs for Interlibrary Loan materials.

If a lost item is paid for, then found and returned within 90 days of the payment date, the library will issue a refund.

Returning or Renewing Materials

Customers may return materials to any RAILS Library location. Customers may renew items in person, by phone, or on-line.

Online Account Access

Customers may access their accounts through the library’s website using their library card number and a Personal Identification Number (PIN).

Once logged into their account, customers may view:

  • a list of items checked out including the due dates
  • fees charged to their account
  • the status of any hold or Interlibrary loan items
  • the home address on file with the library

Customers have the ability to perform the following transactions through their account:

  • renew materials, unless renewal limit has been reached or the item is on hold for another customer
  • place a hold on material that is currently checked out
  • request Interlibrary Loan materials
  • change log-in and PIN
  • change email or phone number

Policy approved by the Library Board of Trustees, November 12, 2018.