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Danvers Township Library History Reading Group

Fall Schedule 2018

Friday, Sept 14th

  “Pageantry Of Woe”: The Funeral of Ulysses S. Grant

Friday, Oct 12th

“Burn the Entire Town: McCausland’s Chambersburg Raid, July 28-August 4, 1864”

Friday, Nov 2nd

“Battle Logs, Ruined Forests” from Ruin Nation: Destructioin and the American Cival War

Friday, Dec 7th

Christmas in the Cival War and Thomas Nast, 19th Century Political Cartoonist

Spring Schedule 2019

Friday, January 18

“The Romantic Landscape: Washington Irving,
Sleepy Hollow, and the Rural Cemetery

Friday, February 8 

“Empty Sleeves and Government Legs, The Ruins
of Men” from Ruin Nation: Destruction and the
American Civil War

Friday, March 1 

“The Crime Against Sumner: The Caning of Charles
Sumner and the Rise of the Republican Party”

Friday, April 12 

“The Transformation of the Lincoln Tomb”

Friday, May 10

“The Tragic Decision of James Hudspeth, the
Donner/Reed Party, Hastings Cutoff, and the
Weber Canyon Route”

ALL CLASSES 10:30 am to 11:30 am @ The Danvers Township Library

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